Thank you very much for taking the time to participate in this short business survey.  It'll take no more than ten minutes. Your answers (which remain confidential) will help us understand your business needs now and in the future.
What is the name of your business?

What does your business do?

Do you operate as a......

Is your business carried out from...

How long has your business operated in Glastonbury?

Why are you located in Glastonbury? Please tick all that apply.

What would help your business to remain in Glastonbury?

How many people do you employ? Please include yourself in this

How many of your staff live in Glastonbury?

How many live within Mendip (outside Glastonbury)?

How many live within Somerset (outside Mendip)?

How many live outside Somerset?

Do you employ apprentices?

Do you employ interns?

Where do you advertise a vacancy within your business?

How many members of your workforce require transport to get to work?

Of those requiring transport, what type do they use?

In the next five years, is it likely your business will

Are you likely to move your business into new premises IN Glastonbury (if suitable premises become available) in the next five years?

Are you likely to move your business OUT of Glastonbury (if suitable premises can be found) within the next five years?

Are you interested in joining Glastonbury's Chamber of Commerce?

How do you access business support?

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